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One of the toughest components to landing a job centers is the ability to succeed in a job interview. It is never easy to succeed on a job interview even when your responses are positive ones. However, when the interviewer asks a question that may not exactly lead to a positive response. Those looking to land a job may feel nervous when posed with a difficult question that does not end up presenting the questioner in a good light. The desire here will often be that the individual may consider lying to the interviewer. Is this a wise idea? In one word the answer is NO. More accurately, it needs to be a resounding no. It is extremely unwise to lie during a Job Interview because can prove disastrous as your credibility will be shot. You will burn bridges and develop a very negative opinion surrounding you. This is not a good idea to lie when seeking employment say the least and it could sink a career.

There are common tough questions that can be asked on a job interview and giving honest straight forward answers will serve you much better than making flippant responses that do not effectively or properly cover the truth of the matter. People look for long careers by landing the jobs they apply for will undermine their own cause if they slip into stretching the truth. Hence, it should be avoided.

A common tough question that may be brought up when seeking jobs may be pointed towards those that came close to graduating college but did not because they narrowly missed completing all their credits. If the reason was the result of financial issues or family or personal responsibilities, then mention such issues in brief; do not go into too much personal detail as this will undermine the cause. However, avoid making up any outlandish stories as Successful Careers will never be built on transparent hyperbole.

Probably the most frightening question one can ask is have you ever been fired? Probably the best way to respond to this would be that you amicably parted ways from your Previous Employment. Unless you had a very bad blowup with a previous employer, this would be the most honest description of a termination as possible. Again, keep specifics to a minimum because this may lead to you appearing defensive which is never a good career move.

There may be issues that surround the decision to hire you and an honest response may undermine your chances of being hired. In some cases, this is a good thing. Common examples would be that there are certain aspects of the job you would be unable to perform or the salary offered is just too low for your needs. Do not “fake it” and try to put forth an affirmative answer when you cannot commit to certain components of the position. This will only lead to you quitting or being fired at a later date. Would you really want to do that? Probably not which is why dishonesty or holding back on your concerns should be avoided.

The moral of the story here is an oft repeated one: dishonesty can be an outright Career Killer. It is never worth the risk to appear dishonest on a job interview and those that have strong skills at interviews understand this completely.

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