Wednesday May 29, 2024

Gravy Job? A Day in the Life of a Video Game Tester

Even as April showed a drop in U.S. retail sales of various video games and associated products, there are still many jobs available for those wishing to be the first to test new products. Not only that, but experts say the industry is strong and these jobs are going to be increasing in availability. Is […]

Does More Pay Equate to a Meaner Boss?

We’ve all seen the arrogant manager who feels a bit entitled because he has the reserved parking space and earns considerably more than those who report to him. But do these perks and higher salaries result in these clueless supervisors treating their employees unkindly and in some cases, down right mean? One researcher, Sreedhari Desai, […]

The Thank You Letter After the Interview

Composing the perfect thank you letter is very important in your quest for a new career. There’s a lot to consider and if you think otherwise, try sitting down and putting one together in ten minutes. There are so many considerations: ” Email or traditional postal service? ” Dear “First Name” or Dear “Mr. Doe”? […]

Video Conferencing – The Solution For Business Travel

Video teleconferencing, or VTC, has enabled companies to reduce or completely eliminate their annual travel expenses and those companies with international clients are really feeling the advantages of these technological marvels. These days, instead of job opportunities for those willing to travel, those same job openings are being filled by those who can navigate and […]