Sunday June 16, 2024

Government Jobs: Legislative Assistant

Ever wonder how the thousands of bills that are introduced each year to Congress ever get written, organized and collated to go to each member that must review, notate, approve or deny?  Who writes all these would-be laws?  If you’re thinking a well organized political secretary is behind the magic, you’re right – but only […]

Construction Careers

While the construction sector hasn’t enjoyed the heyday it once had in the early 1980s, there are many opportunities for any number of skilled workers. Even better is the projected outlook for 2010 and beyond. With the many possibilities, including the potential for travel, likely overtime and advancement opportunities, many have built their lives and […]

Adapting to Change

In the 1980s, the best cities for those looking to earn a living were found in the southeast and southwest. The construction boom was on – it was alive and kicking and promised years of profits – both for companies and their employees. During the 1990s, it was all about Silicon Valley and the west […]