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In today’s competition, it is very important to know how to keep your career on the right track. Getting a suitable job is quite challenging and you need to do a lot of things to fine tune your career path. This article gives you some useful tips.

Creating an effective resume

The most important aspect is to invest your time in creating an effective résumé that will hook the attention of the employers. You should create a compelling profile that gets noticed. Barnes suggests that you use relative keywords in your resume that match the skills and interests that are advertised in the job profile and upload them on job sites.

Tap the right opportunities

Attending job meets is a good way of networking and in the words of Barnes, this helps you chance upon helpful resources by maintaining a relaxed, and professional attitude. Visiting job boards and research companies is yet another way to fine tune your career, as is exploring the opportunities offered by reinvention in an economy that has slowed down. With the ever expanding need for acquiring a good job, it is imperative that you tap the right opportunities coming your way, for which you should work hard.


You must always stay in touch with your professional associates and friends to stay updated with the latest happenings. With the rapid expansion of technology, networking has become an easy task. You must be active on social networking sites and stay abreast of the latest career opportunities. A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of, says networking is crucial for maintaining right job search procedures.

Be Alert and Aware

Once you are through with your job application, talent is of paramount importance, as this is the very thing that you need to put into use in case an opportunity arises. A job search is practically useless if you lack competitiveness and talent. It is the relationships we engender that help in accelerating the results when need arises.

Why should you be alert in the field? A. Harrison Barnes tells you that you need to be aware of the changes that are taking place in the professional world. You should also be aware of the best employers and industries that are available to the job seekers. Other than the available employment opportunities, Barnes suggests that you should take a look into your choices that are permitted by your skills and work experience. Marketability is important and this is why you need to frequently update yourself with the new kinds of education and vocational courses. It always helps to be a constant learner as it puts you in close communication with what is current in your area of expertise.

Focus on Self Development

You must stay technologically advanced as well as network with the job seekers in your industry. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you stay open to suggestions and possibilities. Consider both personal as well as professional options for self development. Think about what you can do and what you want to do. You also need to hone your personal and inter personal skills to make it happen. You must focus on creating the right kind of strategies for ensuring that you create the right relationships, which help accelerate results in case you need them in the future.

Stay Updated

The key aspect to remember if you are contemplating a shift or change in your career is to keep yourself updated with the changing times. This is important, according to Barnes, as it is the age of technology and there are revolutions taking place everyday in every field. In fact, you don’t want to be left behind by being ignorant of these changes. Changes that are coming in your field of expertise will acquaint you with the growing needs of the industry as well as the new concerns that are arising everyday. Transition is a tough nut to crack.

Keep learning and improving

It is also important to be a learner as it helps you to be aware of the needs of the industry and employment sector. In fact, there may be lots of opportunities available against your education and skills. A. Harrison Barnes is an ardent advocate of “knowledge is power”. Ensure that your skills remain updated and for this, you need to adapt yourself to certain tools that are essential for improving your performance and to manage your career. Even when you are stuck in a dead end job with nothing to build on, you can still make the best use of learning.

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