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The copyright lawyers are responsible for the maintenance or proliferation of copyright protection laws for creative works such as books, films, music or photography. The copyright attorneys may either work for an individual or book publisher, film studio proprietor, or any other large concerns. The copyright attorneys, trademark attorneys, and patent lawyers deal with inventions, ideas of the proprietor and creative products.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, the copyright lawyer stays focused on their practice areas and assists the clients in attaining copyright protection. The lawyers also take sides of their clients in case any dispute arises regarding ownership of and utilization of material that has copyright protection. There have been several steps laid down by A. Harrison Barnes for becoming a copyright attorney.

Those aspiring to become a copyright lawyer can undertake courses relating to intellectual property rights or IP in the law schools. Students taking up this course will need to study subjects like entertainment laws, copyright laws, and licensing and intellectual property rights. The law students can join organizations that bear trademarks of their own, these institutes or organizations deliver trade mark law classes providing a comprehensive approach to the discipline of intellectual property rights says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The students need to prepare themselves for the Bar Examination. Apart from this, they can also gain specialization in the field of their choice by appearing for the Master of Laws degree. To gain first hand knowledge in the field of copyright law, you can join as an intern. The law student will become familiar with DRM or (Digital Rights Management), advanced copy right protection methods, and cryptography.

The professional copyright lawyers must have a sound technical background. You can gain technical knowledge if you have an engineering background or come from the field of information technology and information sciences. A Master’s degree in Computer Engineering or Electrical is preferred. Entrance to the Trademark Office and US Patent, USPTO is always encouraged by A. Harrison Barnes. Knowledge congregation from the telecom industry can provide added advantage. The students from these backgrounds can easily comprehend the technologies surrounding modern copyright litigation says A. Harrison Barnes. Once you have completed your graduation, you have to apply for Juris Doctorate or J.D program. The law students while in their law school can expand their business contacts by meeting several new legal professionals. Once the J.D program is cleared, the law students are required to prepare for their Bar Examination, before they start practicing. The Bar Examination helps them to focus on state, federal law, inter state and other legal issues.

The copyright lawyers need to be highly skilled and specialized says A. Harrison Barnes. They must be well versed with the domestic as well as overseas procedures and policies. The copyright attorneys are required to possess interpersonal and sharp communicative skills. They need to be extremely loyal towards their clients and make sure atht they are not disclosing any of the confidential information about the client to either any attorney or outsiders. The lawyer must have strong analytical capabilities. At times the copyright attorney may be required to work under pressure; they must be very diligent while handling pressures.

In this age of information and technology, there has ushered in wide range of changes in the field of copy right law. The technological advancement, together with this the World Intellectual Property Organization or (WIPO) treaty brought about new set of challenges for the copyright lawyers. The age of internet and downloads have opened up new avenues for making some extra money.

The qualified and professional copyright lawyers must be able to make a sound difference between work-for-hire and copyrighted work, says A. Harrison Barnes. Before suing workers in a company or studio the copyright attorney may be required to study the case thoroughly. The lawyer also has the responsibility of dealing with complexities involved in copyright contravention; another growing problem is the advancement of digital technology. The copyright attorneys are required to guard earnings, profits and creative rights of the writers and individuals. The creative works of the individuals though copyright protected can be shared on the digital realm. The attorneys are required to inscribe on papers on legal matters which are posted by the social networking sites, video sharing sites or DVD copying sites.

In accordance with the statistics revealed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, large numbers of graduates from the reputed American law schools are coming into the legal profession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the copyright lawyers can earn $70,000 to $150,000 annually.

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