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Most of the candidates may be suffering from anxiety, frustration waiting for an interview call. Once an interview crops up all of a sudden, it becomes even more difficult for the candidates to prepare themselves. This is the time when the candidates must maintain their cool and composure. The candidates must handle the situation like a grown up. The applicant is required to re-plan during these emergency situations.

Do not panic or lose your confidence, says A. Harrison Barnes of always remember that the employer only after going through your resume has considered you fit for the interview. Attend your interview call carefully and note down the address of the company. Before attending the interview, make sure that your clothes are well ironed and in good condition. Dress in a professional manner, suggests A. Harrison Barnes. First impression matter, so make sure that your hair is cleaning brushed and nails manicured. Refresh all your interpersonal and communicative skills before you face the unexpected interview. The recruiter may ask for your previous employer’s details and hard copy of your resume. Before facing the interview, the job seeker must arrange all the essential credentials. Do have a good night sleep before your interviews. Do not let stress to build in you anticipating about the interview results.

A. Harrison Barnes of has pointed out that the candidates must put their best foot forward and turn the situation in their stride. For those who take hiring decisions, mostly emphasizes on the candidate’s attitude, mannerisms and behavior. The candidates must utilize their time very wisely. Make sure that you are taking out time to discuss about your educational qualification, work experiences and career accomplishment in detail. The job seeker must take out time to discuss about the companies profile regardless of whoever is taking your interview. Make all the necessary query even if you are facing an unexpected job interview, says A. Harrison Barnes.

The candidate must visit the interview venue before hand. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Check your appearance in the mirror. Cells phones can be very distracting so put your cell phones off while you enter the interview room.

Incase you are performing extremely well in your present job; you can expect unexpected job interviews. Your boss may have recommended your name to the future employer, where you can exhibit your skills better says A. Harrison Barnes. If the job seeker is looking for added responsibilities in the job, in all probability he will be getting unexpected interview calls. Make appropriate use of the chance and try to remain as politically correct as possible. Your colleagues can also be very enterprising, says A. Harrison Barnes. Don’t get surprised if you come across an unexpected interview call through your colleague.

Try to be brief and precise when you discuss about your skills and proficiency. Precise value positions can earn you a new position, says A. Harrison Barnes. Prioritize your achievements on the basis of the market value as this may attract attention of your recruiter. Prepare yourself for the “elevator speech” and sell your self in the next 25 seconds. The speech should contain information about your skills, abilities and traits that make you stand out of the crowd. This will enable the recruiter to know about your contributions to his company. Prepare yourself with the questions frequently asked in an interview. Make sure that you are not making use of words or avoid using expressions that reveal that you are either struggling or feeling embarrassed. If the interviewer feel that you are anxious, in no time will he come to know that you are losing your self confidence. Try to judge your interviewer from the questions he is asking you.

The candidate must not hesitate to ask questions to the recruiter. He must have a fair enough knowledge about the goals of the company and the role that the company expects him to play. The candidate must ensure that he is to the point and delivering appropriate answers. Follow ups are very important after the interview is over. The job seeker can send a hand written thank you letter to the recruiter. This improves your chances of getting a job. Facing an unexpected interview won’t be a problem if you adhere to all the points stated above by A. Harrison Barnes.

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