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In the present age of information technology, there has been rapid growth of buying and selling services over the phone. Phone interviews too are quite common. Research revealed that about 30% of the organizations are making use of telephonic interviews, and about 45% of the private sector companies are also increasingly making use of phone interviews.

The phone interviews, says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of are smart and easier method for eliminating the unsuitable candidates. In this article, he mentions certain points, which should be kept in mind while a job seeker is being interviewed over the phone.

Behave your self: In a phone interview, the recruiter gets the chance to test a candidate’s telephone manner. Ensure that you are polite and are not having chewing gum or smoking while conversing. Smile as it gets reflected in your voice. Talk slowly and clearly. Don’t interrupt the interviewer when he is talking. Listen carefully and answer accordingly.

Have confidence: Before the phone interview, you can prepare your self with the possible questions that can be usually asked by the recruiter. Your conversation must include points such as details about yourself, educational qualification, work experience and career history. This will enhance your job prospects says A. Harrison Barnes. Since you are talking over the phone, make sure that you are loud and clear. You may have to pay the price for not sounding confident says A. Harrison Barnes. Make sure that you are not losing perspective and answer directly to the question. If you think you need time to compose your thoughts, be honest enough to admit that.

Garner interest: While you are on the phone interview, try and make connections. The job seeker must go ahead and discuss with the recruiter on phone about any information he has read about the company. You can also ask the caller about his experiences in the company. This way you will be able to establish connections with the person on the other side of the phone and garner interest in him about you. Silence is golden, listen attentively and make sure that you are giving him enough time to speak.

Converse in the right atmosphere: While you are having a phone interview, take care of the fact that the room, in which you are seated, is silent with no music playing or mobile ringing beside you, it can be a major cause of distraction. It is a good idea to have a pen and paper at your disposal. The job seeker can keep a note of the questions asked. A. Harrison Barnes says that you may be asked the same set of questions if called for a second round of interview. Since the phone interview is a two way process, the job seeker must not hesitate to ask any questions that he thinks need to be clarified. It is a good idea to make use of the phone interview log. If you sneeze or cough, make sure that you are apologizing for it by saying “excuse me”.

Positive attitude: A. Harrison Barnes says that it is very important that the candidate has a positive outlook. Smiling and dressing up with confidence obviously does not fit in this type of an interview scenario. However, when the candidate smiles, it can definitely help them to sound confident and positive enough. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you may stand up while conversing on the phone, for that boosts your confidence all the more. Last but not the least; you must end on a positive note. Follow ups are very important. You can stay in touch with the recruiter via e-mail or phone. The job seeker must not hesitate to ask if he has qualified for the next stage or not.

It is better to avoid salary negotiations over the phone says A. Harrison Barnes. Do not hesitate when you can meet face to face for another round of interview. Keep a glass of water by your side in case you feel the urge to drink to ease your tension. Keep your resume in hand and try to “sell” your self to the needs of the recruiter. Try to sound good, and do not play poker, although the employer can’t see you, he or she can definitely read your body language says A. Harrison Barnes. The job seeker must retain his or her self confidence because always remember that you have been selected for the interview only after the recruiter found you suitable going through your resume. It is better to have the phone interview on your landline. Mobile phones are fraught with network problem and it is quite distracting if you keep breaking up in between the conversation. By following these expert tips, you surely will succeed in your telephonic interview.

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