Thursday July 18, 2024

Department of Labor’s New Program: “We Can Help”

With so much focus these days on fair labor and decent wages, the Fair Labor Standards Act is getting a workout – and it’s being put to the test.  Employers are double checking their policies to ensure compliance.  Everything from working through lunch to taking training courses after hours and not being compensated for the […]

Pregnancy Bias and the Americans with Disabilities Act

If you were a welder who worked in an uncomfortable environment and you were transferred once you discovered you were pregnant, would you file a claim against your employer? That’s exactly the question that has a federal appeals court divided these days. The case made it to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in […]

Subtle Wording Changes Suggest Major Initiatives

They say the truth is in the interpretation; if that’s true, the Department of Labor’s replacement of opinion letters with administrator interpretations might mean there are major changes going on behind the scenes, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and president of Historically, when an employer inquired about how to remain in compliance with things […]

Government Jobs: Legislative Assistant

Ever wonder how the thousands of bills that are introduced each year to Congress ever get written, organized and collated to go to each member that must review, notate, approve or deny?  Who writes all these would-be laws?  If you’re thinking a well organized political secretary is behind the magic, you’re right – but only […]

The Benefits of a Health Savings Plan

Most of us can relate to facing higher insurance premiums and co-pays with our employer’s health care plan.  For some, it’s become an unaffordable option and more Americans are now without any kind of health insurance for themselves and their families.  It could be a health savings account plan is your best option, says A. […]

Finding Bank Regulatory Agencies’ Work

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The Paralegal

Everyone knows behind every great attorney is a team of loyal and dedicated secretaries, assistants, investigators and paralegals. Each brings his own strengths to the table and together, a great team can play a significant role in a lawyer and his firm’s success. Paralegals are an intricate part of a law firm. A paralegal, or […]

Gravy Job? A Day in the Life of a Video Game Tester

Even as April showed a drop in U.S. retail sales of various video games and associated products, there are still many jobs available for those wishing to be the first to test new products. Not only that, but experts say the industry is strong and these jobs are going to be increasing in availability. Is […]

Does More Pay Equate to a Meaner Boss?

We’ve all seen the arrogant manager who feels a bit entitled because he has the reserved parking space and earns considerably more than those who report to him. But do these perks and higher salaries result in these clueless supervisors treating their employees unkindly and in some cases, down right mean? One researcher, Sreedhari Desai, […]

7 Ways to Get Started on the Right Foot With a New Employer

Ah, you landed the job with the company that you’re sure will be the one hosting your retirement party in thirty years. All the sacrifices, the interviews with other potential employers that went nowhere and the collective dues you’ve paid along the way are finally paying off. Now it’s just a matter of getting to […]