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Ah, you landed the job with the company that you’re sure will be the one hosting your retirement party in thirty years. All the sacrifices, the interviews with other potential employers that went nowhere and the collective dues you’ve paid along the way are finally paying off. Now it’s just a matter of getting to Monday morning and walking through the door for the first time. Here are a few tips that will get you started on the right path with a new job, courtesy of A. Harrison Barnes, employment coach and founder.

1. Get up early! Getting up a half hour early in the mornings allow you to get the day started without the frustrations we feel when we’re running late. Too many times, those frustrating mornings lend to the entire day being nothing more than a series of aggravations. Those few minutes gives you time to contemplate on the day ahead and drinking your morning joe with no sense of urgency.

2. Remain consistent with your lists. Some of us aren’t list makers while other of us would be lost without those To Do lists on our BlackBerry or even those quick handwritten notes we keep close by. Lists keep us focused and grounded in terms of our priorities. It’s a great habit to develop, says the founder.

3. Go into your new job completely organized. Clean out your purse or computer bag, your car and the junk drawer in the kitchen. The more organized you are, the better balance you’ll find in your life as a result – including the transition to a new career.

4. Exercise is crucial, not only for that first day at the new job, but for our lives as a whole. Exercise keeps brain fog at bay and our bodies in shape. Remember, energy is like money; you have to spend it to make it. This is another fine way to take advantage of those few minutes in your mornings, says A. Harrison Barnes.

5. Make a commitment to yourself that you’re finally going to take that evening class or complete those credits lacking for your degree. It’s an important accomplishment for you on many levels and does wonders for your confidence. Not only that, says Barnes, but it also increases your negotiation powers. Now’s the time – you’re beginning a new chapter in your professional life and this bodes well with your objectives.

6. Stick to your goals of building an emergency fund, building your savings or increasing your contributions to your 401(k). Money’s not everything, but the peace of mind it provides when we know we have a few dollars in the bank allows us to rest at night.

7. Finally, just as you defined a new morning ritual, be sure to create a block of time in the evenings when you go from career to home life. Unwind, decompress and maintain your commitment of keeping them separate.

Don’t forget that while your career is important, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the ride in the process. There’s nothing that will burn us out faster than when we become stifled in our jobs.

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