Monday December 11, 2023

The Thank You Letter After the Interview

Composing the perfect thank you letter is very important in your quest for a new career. There’s a lot to consider and if you think otherwise, try sitting down and putting one together in ten minutes. There are so many considerations: ” Email or traditional postal service? ” Dear “First Name” or Dear “Mr. Doe”? […]

Cover those Bases Now!

Wrapping up your college education? Maybe you have another year? Now is the time to begin your job search. Regardless of whether it’s an internship with a law firm, a summer job or if you’re focusing on which law firms you believe will be the best fit after graduation, it’s never too soon to start […]

The Latest in Medical Malpractice Reform

With so many focused on the health care reform, it can be easy to miss another ongoing debate that’s also taking up a lot of lawmakers’ time. Specifically, medical malpractice suits are being dissected. One report states there are already special courts that exist where bankruptcies, worker’s compensation cases and tax cases are handled by […]

What Are My Transferable Skills?

If you are looking for a job or you want to know what kind of career is right for you, you might be concerned to see your focus shifting. Even in a rough economy, people want to be happy, and if you find that your career path takes you somewhere interesting, sometimes you should just […]

How to become a Copyright Lawyer?

The copyright lawyers are responsible for the maintenance or proliferation of copyright protection laws for creative works such as books, films, music or photography. The copyright attorneys may either work for an individual or book publisher, film studio proprietor, or any other large concerns. The copyright attorneys, trademark attorneys, and patent lawyers deal with inventions, […]

Tune your Career to the Right Track

In today’s competition, it is very important to know how to keep your career on the right track. Getting a suitable job is quite challenging and you need to do a lot of things to fine tune your career path. This article gives you some useful tips. Creating an effective resume The most important aspect […]

Ways to Make Employee Empowerment Fail

Different managers will have different styles. This is understandable as no two managers are alike. However, there is one managerial style that can be possible the most self-defeating managerial style of all. That is the style of the micromanager and it is a disastrous style that can totally crush an employee’s ability to succeed. More […]

Construction Careers

While the construction sector hasn’t enjoyed the heyday it once had in the early 1980s, there are many opportunities for any number of skilled workers. Even better is the projected outlook for 2010 and beyond. With the many possibilities, including the potential for travel, likely overtime and advancement opportunities, many have built their lives and […]

Adapting to Change

In the 1980s, the best cities for those looking to earn a living were found in the southeast and southwest. The construction boom was on – it was alive and kicking and promised years of profits – both for companies and their employees. During the 1990s, it was all about Silicon Valley and the west […]

Video Conferencing – The Solution For Business Travel

Video teleconferencing, or VTC, has enabled companies to reduce or completely eliminate their annual travel expenses and those companies with international clients are really feeling the advantages of these technological marvels. These days, instead of job opportunities for those willing to travel, those same job openings are being filled by those who can navigate and […]