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Many people believe they will have no problem with a job interview; only to leave it shaking their head, wondering what in the world happened. So many people miss out on excellent employment opportunities simply because they did not know how to answer some of the most common interview questions. One may be misled to think that since they are commonly asked questions, they will be easy to answer. This is simply not the case, especially when you are nervous and worried about the interview.

Believe it or not, complex questions are not the ones creating a problem. It is the basic and simple questions that leave people stuttering in an interview. Some commonly asked questions in a job interview are given below. There are also hints on how to properly answer them.

Tell Me Something about Yourself

When you are asked this question, you must realize that the interviewer does not want to know about your cat named Fluffy or your children and their medical issues. What the hiring manager wants to hear about, is probably your early years, your education, your work history, more information on your career history, and of course the experience that applies directly to the position you are currently interviewing for.

You seem over-qualified, why should we hire you?

This is something that can work to your benefit. Explain that you want a long term relationship with the company. This goes a long way in convincing the management that you will do well at your jobs, thus allowing new positions and opportunities within the company to open up. You can also mention how by hiring you, they will get a faster return on their investment, since you are well-qualified and need no further training to learn the ropes.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

You want to be honest here, without giving too much information, especially if it would hurt your chance at obtaining this job. Make your points brief and relevant to the matter being discussed. Do no ramble for long about your previous employer. State facts and steer clear anything that sounds like you are complaining.

What Do You Look For In A Job?

You want to make sure that your answers are a reflection of the type of employment that you are looking at with the company. Mention that you want a place where you can perform at your peak ability and that you can be recognized for your efforts and your contributions to the company.

Always ensure that you do not speak poorly of your previous manager since this might be seen as a warning sign to a potential employer that you will speak poorly of him or her as well. The more positive, to the point and company oriented you are the better chances you have at getting the jobs you want.

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