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Wrapping up your college education? Maybe you have another year? Now is the time to begin your job search. Regardless of whether it’s an internship with a law firm, a summer job or if you’re focusing on which law firms you believe will be the best fit after graduation, it’s never too soon to start looking, according to founder A. Harrison Barnes. “Despite the seemingly good news on the recovery efforts throughout the country, the job market is still touch and go and will likely remain so, at least in the short term”, says the career coach. In fact, Barnes reports many college students who don’t begin their summer job search by March or April will likely discover there’s not much left. And those that are left are likely ones that presented challenges others didn’t want to tackle during their “downtime” in the summer months.

So what should you do if you discover your well planned process comes a bit too late? The founder suggests you move forward with your plans anyway. Even if you’ve discovered there are no internships left and those perfect summer jobs are already taken, you never know when something will come up. “Your peers may get an invitation to spend their summer on a cruise; this, of course, won’t mesh with their part time jobs, especially if they’re working in a law firm“, says Barnes. That might be your opening, but you’ll never know if you don’t get your name front and center with the partners.

It’s also important to remain flexible. You won’t always get what you want or are anticipating, regardless of whether it’s a full time position that allows you to practice brilliant law or a that part time summer job that will put spending money in your pocket. The goal is to approach it with enthusiasm and take advantage of the learning opportunity that’s sure to present itself. It’s those positive attitudes that can make or break your day – not to mention those you work for and around.

Is your resume serving its purpose? You might benefit greatly from the help a professional resume service can provide. offers a superb service that is effective, accurate and sure to get your resume to the top of the stack. It’s a small investment that’s worth considering, especially if you’re working against time.

Finally, A. Harrison Barnes says the most important lesson you can take away from a situation such as this is the knowledge that next year, you’ll already know how important it is to start early. He suggests you learn from it and move on – wiser for having the experience. And while the money’s always important, don’t lose your focus on the many opportunities you’ll have to do good for others. Not taking anything for granted is one of those life lessons many of us struggle with; and there’s no better time to learn it than when you’re interning for a law firm.

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